Scenic Views

One of the lifetime experiences you need to have is the scenic train ride from Denver to Cheyenne in a steam locomotive. A powerful Union Pacific 3945 carves its way through a breathtaking landscape. Watch the Rocky Mountains christen wide, expansive plains as you enjoy the tastefully done interiors of the train cars.

Vintage Train Cars

To experience the true character and feeling of the frontier, you need everything to be perfect, including vintage train cars. As the adage goes, it is the journey that you need to experience. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that every part of the train car is accurate to the days of yore.

Rodeo Competitions

Get front-row seats at one of the best rodeo events in Cheyenne! As part of the Denver Post Train experience, we give you the best seats in the house to experience the thrill and daring of these fearless contestants up close. With a number of events lined up for you, including bull riding, roping, and barrel racing, we can assure you there will never be a dull moment!


Once you're done with the rodeo, get ready for some live music! We bring together the best country bands together to play for you and your loved ones. We also arrange a variety of food and drinks at the venue prepared by expert chefs this side of town. All these make a lively atmosphere more festive and truly memorable.

Celebrate a Common Heritage

If you've never experienced the Great West and cowboy culture, you're in for a treat! As our guest, you can see first-hand where all the stories about our great country started. Be part of the celebrations of America's history through the generations of people who have braved the frontier.

Create a Memorable Experience

We have made considerable efforts to ensure that this trip will be etched in your memory. Every facet of this experience is created with painstaking attention to detail. From the train ride to landing in Frontier Park and shopping afterward, it is all a part of the entire Denver Post Train journey. If you want a fun and relaxing one-day getaway to another place and time for your family, you ought to get in touch with us!